Congrats, Kawika!

Kawika Venhuizen is a Senior at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where he is studying Kinesiology. Kawika was met when he first came to church on Easter Sunday! He was on his way to a different church but stumbled upon ours and decided to attend. At service, Kawika was able to connect with some of the campus brothers through the warm greetings of our sister Uta. Soon after, Kawika was asked if he was interested in doing some bible studies to strengthen his relationship with God. When first sitting down to get to know Kawika, it was evident that he was a person that valued his relationship with God. As he got to dive into different topics on Sin and the Cross of Jesus, Kawika began to see the scriptures providing a new chapter in his relationship with God. With many times of bible study, prayer and fellowship, Kawika was adamant about being baptized. On July 22nd, Kawika was baptized at Kaimana’s beach park in Waikiki. Kawika’s story reminds us of how God is truly the one in control of the times and places he sets for us so we can seek him with all of our hearts. Welcome and congrats to our new brother in Christ, Kawika Venhuizen!