Congrats, Leslie!

Leslie Richards grew up learning about God from her parents and her Church of Christ home church in Texas. As time went on, she pursued a career as a physical therapist and fell in love with her now-husband, Chip, who she met as an undergraduate at UH Manoa. Even though she was not always consistent in connecting with God and the church family, she continued to retain a faith, memory, and love for God in her heart. And of course, God continued to think about and pursue a relationship with Leslie as well.

In 2016, a job for Chip opened up in Oahu, and God’s plan to reconnect with Leslie continued to unfold. One day, she realized that Easter was approaching, and she felt a desire to find a church to attend that Sunday. She went online and researched nearby churches, and found our church website. She explains that she chose our website because it looked the most appealing, modern, and described beliefs that were similar to hers growing up. She and Chip decided to attend our Easter Sunday service this past April and connected with many disciples that day. After a few months of studying the Bible, she decided to make Jesus the Lord of her life on August 12th at Magic Island. Congrats, Leslie!