Pacific Bible Academy & Missions


The Pacific Bible Academy is home to a missions school program, called Pacific Bible Missions (hereinafter PBM). This program is for members of the PacWest Churches of Christ with a focus on working together to strengthen the church and bring the lost to Christ.

The Bible has the power to transform lives. As part of the Pacific Bible Academy in Honolulu, Hawaii, you will have an opportunity to learn how to share this transformative power with people in and around the Pacific region of the world.

At PBM, students learn how to study God’s word, how to teach the good news it brings to others as well as leadership skills. PBM students are apprentice missionaries learning, growing and serving on mission fields throughout the Pacific Islands.

Enrollment in the PBM requires a minimum of 4 weeks to study, develop, and then to teach and serve.

Your “PBM time” is divided into three levels of learning:

Bible Training

Pacific Bible Academy Biblical Studies Curriculum

Mission Training/Team Building

Pacific Bible Academy, The Power of Discipling, and “The Heart of the Ministry.”

Mission Field Experience

Pacific Bible Missions candidates will be designated for mission field experience for several weeks on Oahu, Maui, Big Island, and Guam. They will work with church leaders to serve and reach the lost in the appropriate ministry.