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Hidden Figures Bible Study Series

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6/5/21 1:00 pm

Hidden Figures Bible Study Series


This Bible Study series explores the stories of six women in Jesus’ genealogy and life, revealing the various ways they have been misunderstood or marginalized. Through these studies, we witness the way the biblical narrative was uniquely communicated through their lives and are reminded to listen and learn from other perspectives. Where the culture may have silenced or rejected these women, their inclusion in Jesus’s genealogy or his elevation of them during his life give us a reminder of God’s sovereignty and that we are never hidden from his sight.

Series Schedule

  • Introduction to Hidden Figures (January 16, 1 PM HST) - Kay McKean, Maui
  • Tamar (February 20, 1 PM HST) - Saun Galang, Oʻahu
  • Rahab (March 13, 1 PM HST) - Anne Roby, San Francisco
  • Ruth (March 27, 1 PM HST) - Shelley Galang/Alisha Tamashiro, Oʻahu
  • Bathsheba (April 17, 1 PM HST) - Jane Chin, Hong Kong
  • Mary, Mother of Jesus (May 8, 1 PM HST) - Erica Kim, Denver
  • Mary, Sister of Martha (June 5, 1 PM HST) - Trae Holland, Los Angeles

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