Refined By Fire

Overcoming Sinfulness

This podcast looks at when Peter was first called to follow Jesus and how he had to overcome sinfulness in his life in order to see Jesus clearly and to be able to answer the call.

Key Takeaways

  • We are chosen by God and called to follow Jesus. As we see with Peter, Jesus goes out of the way to reach him. And when we reflect on how God has worked in our lives, we, too, have been chosen!
  • How does it make you feel to be chosen by God (as it says in Ephesians, adopted to be His son or daughter)?
  • However, sin in our lives can cloud how we see things spiritually. Guilt and shame that are produced by sin can keep us from becoming the men and women that God wants us to be.
  • What are the sins that you need to overcome? What are the steps that you can take to overcome them?

Scripture References

Mark 1:16-20

John 1:35-42

John 1:28

Luke 5:1-10

John 15:16

Podcast Transcript

Jackson: Greetings from the Oʻahu Church of Christ. My name is Jackson Cheng. And I want to thank you for joining us in this podcast series Refined By Fire. The goal for this series is kind of threefold. One is to help us look at the Apostle Peter, his spiritual journey. And hopefully by looking at his life, it will inspire us to grow more in our faith. The second part of it was just kind of providing a tool for our own personal Bible study. So this is like a character study, which is basically looking at a character in the Bible. And hopefully, at the end of the series, you can feel like, wow, I can probably do the same thing with another character in the Bible. And lastly, especially through this, you know, sort of pandemic, times where we're kind of secluded from seeing people as much, you know, one of the things I wanted to do also was just to connect the church with just different people to kind of get to know them. And so part of this is bringing guests on to the podcast, and hopefully through it will kind of get to know them a little bit more. The third goal kind of came about because of my son, Samuel, who was asking what I was doing, when I, you know, recorded the first podcast. And jokingly, he was like, "What just you? That's boring." I kind of took them up on it, ask them if you want to join me on the podcast. And we did a little quick Q&A at the end of the last podcast. So that was kind of neat. With that, you know, today I got a great friend of mine, Roger Dequina with us. Roger currently serves on the Board of Directors for the church and is also on the leadership team for the church. So definitely great to have you here, Roger.

Roger: Good to be here. Good to be here, Jackson. Thank you.

Jackson: Yeah. And maybe you can tell us a little bit about yourself.

Roger: Okay. Okay. Well, first off, thank you, you know, to, to you and just the opportunity to share in this podcast, and to all the listeners out there, thank you for taking time out to, you know, to follow these podcasts and these insights that I think the Holy Spirit really put on Jackson's heart to make available to the church. So that's been exciting. But But as far as myself, I've been around the church and and I think my discipleship started in 1990. I was baptized in October of 1990, in the campus ministry here in a Oʻahu. Awesome. And then shortly after that, I actually went on a mission team to Hilo in 1991. With with the original mission team planting to Hilo, and then had stayed there for about three years. And then went on another, another mission team, our second mission team planting to Guam, actually, that was in 1994, July of 1994. So I'd been in Guam from 94, all the way through 2004. And in the 10 year, years that I spent there, really, you know, serving and helping and trying to do what I can, I was able to get married, you know, luckily, God got saw it fit for me to find a perfect, perfect best friend and perfect partner. Definitely married up. So So I married Liane in 1997. Or rather, she married me in 1997. So we got married. And then we had our first child in 2000. That was Marcus and Tressa. Shortly thereafter, in 2002, she was also born in Guam. And then a couple years later, fast forward, my wife and I moved back here to Oʻahu in 2004. And came out here to just kind of, you know, reconnect with the church, rebuild my faith, you know, was going through some things in our marriage, just through some really poor choices in my purity and thought, oh, what better place to get some spiritual help, then our spiritual roots right where we came from.

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Episode Host

Jackson Cheng

Disciple in the church for over 28 years. Married to an awesome wife and raising two teenagers and one poi dog (who is more obedient than the kids!). I was inspired to do this podcast series to bring a little more dose of Bible and faith into all of our lives, especially during these uncertain times.

Episode guest

Roger Dequina

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