Refined By Fire

Spiritual Blindness Q&A w/ Samuel Cheng

Jackson has a talk story time with his son Samuel about Spiritual Blindness, the first episode in our Refined By Fire series.

Podcast Transcript

Jackson: We have a special guest with us for the podcast. And it's my son Samuel. He is 15 and a half years old. And he got a chance to listen to the podcast and we thought, hey, let's have a little discussion about it. So, Sam, what stuck with you the most from this story about the blind man?

Samuel: I think the thing that really stuck with me here is that the man's parents weren't really happy for him of his miracle.

Jackson: Yeah, they seem kind of subdued. Right. Why do you think they were like that?

Samuel: They were, at the time scared of the Pharisees that were there that they could get kicked out of the synagogue.

Jackson: Yeah, right. I mean, they were thinking more about themselves rather than I mean, you would think they would be like, wow, you know, our son. He was born blind and and what an incredible miracle you would think that they'd be overjoyed. I mean, we don't know how old this this guy was. But certainly, you would've thought that his parents would have been really, really happy. So how do you think he felt about his parents' response?

Samuel: Well, I think at the time, he was probably happy that he got his eyesight back. But later, I think it would have kicked in that what his parents had had done. And so you'd be a little bit more angry.

Jackson: Mmm. Yeah. Have you ever felt like that from us? Because I think, you know, probably for him, he felt disappointed right? At his parents' response, that they weren't as loving and they were more thinking about themselves. But have you ever felt that from me or mom?

Samuel: Uh, definitely. Yes.

Jackson: Definitely? What? I thought you're gonna say no never you guys are perfect parents. And he talks about how the blind will see and how those who see you know are blind. What do you think about that? Like what do you think Jesus is?

Samuel: I mean to be honest I it's all really confusing to me because I get like that there weren't like physically blind but like spiritually blind I'm not really sure like what that means. Can you please tell me?

Jackson: Okay, um so spiritual blindness. Yeah, I mean it's it's kind of like going back and and looking at the different people around this event. Right you had the disciples, Jesus' disciples, right. And what what were they kind of caught up with?

Samuel: The question about whether the man sinned or his parents sinned.

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Episode Host

Jackson Cheng

Disciple in the church for over 28 years. Married to an awesome wife and raising two teenagers and one poi dog (who is more obedient than the kids!). I was inspired to do this podcast series to bring a little more dose of Bible and faith into all of our lives, especially during these uncertain times.

Episode guest

Samuel Cheng

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